A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Lucre Merchant is a decision, strategy, resource merchanting game. You have limited number of months to earn the favour of the town through your trading, dealing, crafting, and fighting.

This is a work in progress, all feedback is welcome!

All assets: music, maps, fonts, game engine, are licensed. License can be provided upon request. Maps are map exports. The work is not commercially for sale or redistribution.


lucre-merchant-linux.zip 289 MB
lucre-merchant-windows.zip 288 MB
lucre-merchant-macos.zip 307 MB

Install instructions


1. Download the zip file on your linux desktop

2. Unzip

3. Run lucre-merchant.x86_64


1. Download the zip file on your windows desktop

2. Unzip

3. Run lucre-merchant.exe (you may be prompted to run the program since it is unsigned)


1. Download the zip file on your MacOS desktop 

2. Unzip

3. Run: `xattr -cr Lucre\ Merchant.app` (since it's an unsigned app)

4. Run lucre-merchant.app

Development log

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